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The 6-week ONLINE SUMMER session will run:

July 7 - August 17



Please read the following Tuition Information. After registering for your class, check out our payment options under the "How to Pay" tab.

Tuition Information

Tuition for the 6-week ONLINE SPRING session is $75 PER FAMILY. (Please contact us if there are financial constraints that would prohibit your family from participating. Limited scholarships are available, and/or we can help you set up a payment plan.) 

NOTE: If you submitted a payment for the regular Spring Session before online classes were put in place, whatever remains unused from that payment can be put forward to your Online Summer Session fee. Click "How to Pay" for more info.

Payment for the session is due the first week of classes.

If you need to cancel your registration, you must email us by the first week of classes, or full payment is still due for your registration. 


The 6-week ONLINE SUMMER session will run:

July 7 - August 17


PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive an automatic email confirming your registration through this website. That will serve as your enrollment confirmation. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email!



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